10-12 December2019

13-15 Rabee II 1441H

Exhibition OVERVIEW

The choice of the word "DIAA" to be the title for the Saudi International Exhibition for People with Special Requirements took place for several reasons. All together constitute the real value of this name. Firstly , identifying the importance of persons with disabilities, and the active role that they have to offer to their community if they were afforded all supporting and backing means. In addition to strengthening the role of social responsibility programs adopted by corporations operating in the public and private sectors. This massive event will have an active role in raising the spirit of competition between the various relevant sectors to provide their required services in accordance with the best quality standards. Therefore, achieving the greater objective that everyone is seeking to attain, namely supplying the Saudi society with the disabilities capabilities who are able to produce and exert their effort along with all segments of society. Thus the entire social fabric shall integrate in its inputs and outputs of substance and content.

All of these beautiful meanings, along with what they reflect of implications, constitute our strong motivation for choosing this concise name to be the synonym of the Saudi International Exhibition for People with Special Requirements. This is due to our conviction and our deep belief that this cherished category of our community has an accumulation and a stockpile of energies and capabilities that, if we do a good job in their emancipation and harnessing them in the community, it will be by the will of Allah "DIAA" that lightens their paths of participation in the construction and contribution. Consequently, they will hold their place and take their role to rotate the wheel of sustainable development, each according to their abilities and potential as we all hope.

With this synonymous name, by the blessing of Allah the Saudi International Exhibition for People with Special Requirements will launch its vision, mission and objectives to the various categories and segments of society; in a tireless effort to build a new system of thought and practicality in harmony with the aspirations and requirements of this precious category and their needs at all levels; to make a real difference; and cover the best way to launch it towards the boundless horizons and spaces of success by the grace of Allah.

Thus, “DIAA” is not just a name of an exhibition its more than this. It illuminates hope, strength, more power, positivity & happiness to touch the lives of Disabled people. DIAA stands for something to do, something to love, and something to hope for. A little more persistence, a little more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure may turn to success. "DIAA" as a concept came to be actually supportive in terms of putting in the hands of people with disabilities and their caregivers all their requirements regardless of their nature, throughout every stage of their lives; therefore this Exhibition will be stand in the journey of care and rehabilitation, in which "DIAA" opens new hope to shine in their lives to be happy and we as well share with them their happiness.

Join us to be the hope and a part of DIAA:  info@diaaexhibition.com


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