10-12 December2019

13-15 Rabee II 1441H

About the Exhibition

DIAA is the largest international event concentrating on people with “special requirements” witnessing the participation of 150 locals & international exhibitors from around the globe . As well as , flowing crowd of more than 16,000 visitors exhibiting in the space of 7000 SQM in 2019. DIAA was conceptualized with a mission to support the people with special requirements in the region, as disability is one of the most imperative social and economic medical issues in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

DIAA aiming to provide the needs of the special requirements by bringing the international manufacturers & vendors to Saudi Arabia making an easy access to the local needs in this sector. Moreover , one of 1st Arabia objectives is to bring awareness in disabilities pattern in KSA, and eventually making easy access to the latest innovations in the Special Requirement Sector.

1st Arabia under the supervision of  Disabled Children’s Association  will be bringing the 5th Saudi International Exhibition for people with Special requirements (DIAA 2019) featuring the latest innovations , latest equipment for disabled care, smart living, independent living solutions, rehabilitation solutions and assistive technology. Thus , emphasize on the Corporation of social responsibility through the participation and support of some large companies and charitable organizations.

Diaa 2019 is expected to attract more than 30,000 visitors & nearly 150 - 200 exhibiting companies from the GCC and foreign countries to improve this year’s edition. The exhibition is an opportunity for the people with special requirements to get their requirements easily and quickly by enabling them to have a new approach to their daily life.

About Disabled Children’s Association:

The Disabled Children's Association is considered as one of the leading shrines as well as landmarks of civilization and humanity in the modern and contemporary history of Saudi Arabia. Since its initial establishment conception in 1398 H {1978}, it was very fortunate in receiving various forms of governmental and private support for the prominence role and mission it has to play in the community. Thus, with grace of Allah, it will be enabled to extend its services umbrella in many regions of the Kingdom to reaches the ten branches.
This charity has been made able to take a quantum leap in the inputs and outputs of addressing the issue of disability in terms of prevention, overseeing, rehabilitation and treatment through its accumulated expertise and novelty. It has reached a time in which all affairs and details of people with disabilities has become the focus of attention of the citizens. It is sufficient to state that the King Salman Centre for Disability Research, which is considered one of the largest global research centres specialized in this area, has been created through the initiative of this Association.

While the Disabled Children's Association is considered as the main support in this Exhibition, which is the first of its kind in the Arab region, it relies on its former experience in the organizing of the first two international conferences for the care and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities and anticipates, the outcome of the large movement and efforts on the level of services provided to people with disabilities along with what it is ready for in terms of expansion in an unprecedented quantity and quality.
Hence the importance of the timing of this Exhibition, through which the Association aims to put the output of this movement along with the latest products of humanity in terms of supplies pertaining to the care and rehabilitation programs for people with disabilities under one roof, thus affording the stakeholders and the interested in the field to view the comprehensive picture of this movement along with its outputs from various angles, thereupon enriching the horizons of service and investment prospects in this sector.

1st Arabia, the organizer company, assigned by the Association for the implementation of this major event in Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Centre, will exert all of its effort, expertise and innovation in organizing specialized exhibitions to attract all corporations from the public and private sectors with competence in the provision of care in general and care of persons with disability in particular for the purpose of participating or sponsoring, thus granting them the opportunity to play an effective role towards this vital category of society, by providing the requirements to help them integrate into society and to become capable of giving and exerting.


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